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    The cause of congenital heart disease

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    The cause of congenital heart disease
    The cause of congenital heart disease

    Congenital cardiovascular disease is one of the most common types of malformations that occur at birth. Then the causes of congenital heart disease can be divided into three aspects: family genetic factors, living environment factors, and some diseases and drug factors.

    Genetic factors:

    In the case of congenital silencing syndrome, 50% of patients in this disease group have congenital heart disease at the same time. The central intimal pad defect and ventricular septal defect account for 32% and 29%, respectively. In addition, atrial septal defect accounts for 11%, while tetralogy of Fallot accounts for 7.9%, and arterial catheter closure accounts for 6.7%. General atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, Fallot tetralogy most appear to be controlled by more than two pairs of alleles, congenital heart disease in patients with relatives and children of genetic seizure risk rate in 4 %about.

    Living environment factors:

    In general pregnant women before and after pregnancy, the environment in which they live, including the place where they live and the environment in which they work. Both chemical and physical factors are included in environmental factors. The so-called chemical factors mainly refers to pregnant women in contact with a number of body and fetus influential chemicals. Therefore, pregnant women generally do not need to live in freshly renovated new homes when they are pregnant. At the same time, they should not even come into contact with some toxic chemicals so as not to affect the fetus.

    Disease and drug factors:

    According to research and analysis, drug and disease factors generally include pregnant women drinking during pregnancy, pregnant women taking aspirin during the early stages of pregnancy, or having colds and rubella during pregnancy. These conditions are high risk factors that cause the fetus to have congenital heart disease. Therefore, during pregnancy, especially during early pregnancy, care should be taken to avoid taking high-risk western medicine. This should be a major preventive measure in the prevention of congenital heart disease. Pregnant women should not be sick during pregnancy, such as some bacterial and viral infections, because bacterial and viral infections are likely to cause fetal development is not perfect, resulting in the occurrence of congenital heart disease.
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