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    What kind of disease is the atrial septal defect?

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    What kind of disease is the atrial septal defect?
    Atrial septal defect is a more common kind of congenital heart disease. Atrial septal defect accounts for about 20% of all kinds of congenital heart disease. The disease is more common in women. The ratio of female to male is 2:1 to 4: 1. So what kind of disease is atrial septal defect? According to experts in our hospital, atrial septal defect is caused by the incomplete tissue development of the atrial septum during the embryonic period, and is a congenital disease formed in the mother.

    The shunted blood leads to increased right heart load, increased pulmonary blood flow, increased pressure, and progressive pulmonary vascular disease leading to irreversible pulmonary hypertension, right atrial pressure exceeding left atrial pressure, bidirectional shunting of the atrial septum or right to left Reverse shunt, known as Eisenmenger syndrome, is an effective treatment for lung transplantation or combined heart and lung transplantation. With the increase of pulmonary artery pressure, patients can show heart palpitations, shortness of breath, abnormal heart rate, and finally heart failure and death.
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